What a Wonderful Wedding!

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The Day Susan Vial became Susan Ellis!

You may wonder why I haven’t personally posted anything for a while but there’s a very good reason – I was planning my wedding to the most wonderful man, Martin Ellis, so please forgive me. Join us in the video below then read all about it under that.

It all began when…..

Martin and I met at aikido – way back in 1977. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that it’s 36 years ago when Martin, his wife Laura and I became firm friends but it’s in the past 10 years that the friendship really blossomed. You see, when I got divorced at the beginning of 2002, my son Dylan and I stayed with them for a year till things got sorted out and we got our own place. Ever since then we have shared our lives together, loving and supporting each other each step of the way. When I lost my home because of the economic crash they encouraged me to follow my dream and to go travelling (after earning some bucks as a carer in the UK) and I spent a couple of wonderful years in the USA, Mexico and Guatemala.

It was during this time…..

that I received a call telling me that Laura had passed away unexpectedly. Although I missed her celebration of life, I made it back to South Africa the following day to support Martin and the rest of the family who’d travelled from Zimbabwe and the UK to be there. Laura’s passing was a great loss to all who knew her, for having met her one could not help but return the love that she shared unreservedly with all who entered her life. After 3 weeks I returned to the States to continue my journey – a journey of the spirit as much as of the physical.


I reached a place in myself when I felt the right next step was to return to South Africa to reconnect with family and friends. My son Dylan would be visiting from London and it just made sense to me. Little did I then know that a couple of months on when I was deciding on the next move, that Martin would ask me to stay and “let’s just see where things go”.

That was 18 months ago.

During that time we helped each other heal and discovered a bond that is still growing and deepening into a true partnership based on mutual love, respect and understanding. It is not easy to fill the gap left by such a deep loss, but because Laura and I
were such good friends, it somehow seems natural and Laura is still very much a part of our lives. I am truly blessed to be able to share my life with someone as special, caring and compassionate as Martin and on Sunday 5th May it was with all my heart and soul that I said “I do” and became Mrs Susan Ellis.


Martin and I are committed to helping others make a difference in their lives through the power of the internet, although coming from very different perspectives.

Keep tuned to find out if we can help you find the joy in your life that we have found together and show how you can truly heal by creating the life you were meant to live – filled with riches way beyond (but not excluding!) money.


Online Healing – From Susan Ellis – Your Healer – With Much Love And Light.