Aug 142012
 August 14, 2012

Great News!

Online Healing Sessions Are Now Available to Everyone – Regardless of Financial Status!

As I said on my Home Page, I started Online Healing with this website as I knew that with the power of the internet I would be able to reach  far more people than just by doing hands on sessions.

After all, there is only one of me and I only have 2 hands.   It takes on average an hour (perhaps 2 hours if it’s a new client) so let’s do the math – I might be able to help 4 people a day or 6 maximum – times 30 days equals 180 people a month.

With the World Wide Web literally thousands of people get to see my site and learn about online healing and how it may be used to deal with many different kinds of problems – from serious dread diseases to helping mend a broken heart.

I have thought long and hard about how much to charge for my services and, indeed, whether to charge at all. Finally, I decided that while I would love to give my services for free, it is totally impractical, because, like everyone else, I too need to pay for shelter, food, clothing etc. If someone is seriously committed to making a change and taking responsibility for their healing, however, there is no way I could turn anyone away simply because they could not afford to pay.

So that is why I am now offering Online Healing Sessions on a Donation Basis.

Whether you are a multi millionaire or are struggling to make ends meet – you decide how much you are willing to pay (after all – Online Healing is about self empowerment – so the decision is in your hands).

The figures I have indicated alongside the various options are a guideline only. You can decide how much your healing is worth and if you can’t afford anything today because maybe you’re too sick to work any more or the financial crisis has left you jobless, homeless and maybe even hopeless – take comfort from this because help is at hand at the click of a button.

Just contact me, Susan Vial, and I will set up an appointment with you.

To learn more about the services I offer and what to expect from a session go to Online Healing Sessions where I explain the  whole process in detail.

With Much Love and Light

From Susan Vial – your healer at Online Healing

Online Healing Sessions
Online Healing Sessions