Susan Vial – Your Healer At Online Healing

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Susan Vial - your healer at Online Healing
Susan Vial - your healer at Online Healing


My name is Susan Vial and I am a healer.

Being a healer is not something I was always aware of, although I knew I was different to most people.

It was not until a friend introduced me to Reiki that I knew I had found my calling as a healer and that my life’s purpose was to help heal – people, animals, places – in fact anywhere there is disharmony and dis-ease.

That’s how my story starts .

For full details of how I became a healer  – just click on the link About The Healer

Are You looking for a Healer?

If there is a situation in your life that you need help with – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and you’re looking for a healer to assist you then please read my story to see if I might be someone you can relate to.

Healing is my passion, and it is a privilege to be able to facilitate someone on the sacred journey of healing.

Body, mind and spirit are all aspects of our being – inextricably intertwined and I absolutely believe that we were born with the power to heal ourselves.

Most of us have forgotten this which is where I come into the picture – to guide you on that healing path and help you remember your true picture of shining health and wellness.

I have been a healer since the early 1990s and have practised in the UK, USA, Mexico and Guatemala.

Now I am based in my adopted country, South Africa.

But it doesn’t matter where in the world you are – if you have access to the internet then I can be your healer from a distance.

I created Online Healing specially for you.

To your healing, happiness and not just well but best-being.

From Susan Vial – your healer at Online Healing – with much love and light.



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