Online Healing Services Available

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Online Healing Services with Susan Vial
Online Healing Services with Susan Vial

Online Holistic Healing Center offers various services and healing sessions designed to make healing available to all.


The advantages of Online Healing are obvious.

  • Healing can take place without having to leave your home – or bed, for that matter.
  • The need to travel is eliminated, cutting out the cost and time spent of having to go to a physical holistic healing center.
  • Being in your own home also ensures that you are extremely relaxed and comfortable which is much more conducive to the healing process.
  • The time of an appointment can be set at out of office hours, fitting in with your busy schedule.
  • Also, online healing can be sent to anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world, with absolutely no difference to the quality of the healing session because it is based on energy transference and works at a quantum level.

This is why Online Healing is suitable for absolutely everyone

  • The very young – even from birth
  • The frail and elderly – can ease the transition from life into death
  • Those with chronic or dread diseases
  • The mentally ill
  • Depressed people
  • Those who cannot tolerate touch
  • People living in remote areas
  • Can be used for animals
  • Can be used to promote peace
  • Can be used to counteract pollution
  • Online Healing can be used to correct negative energy in any given situation

For details of the online healing available go to Online Healing Services.

There you will find an outline of what is on offer with a link to more detailed information on what you can expect from an online healing session. Ongoing support is also offered in the form of a members’ site with an online healing forum, because it is vitally important that you do not feel alone during your healing process.

Online Healing Services come to you From Susan Vialyour healer – with much love and light.

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