Online Healing Sessions with Susan Vial
Online Healing Sessions with Susan Vial

Online Healing Sessions

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Online Healing Sessions are available for addressing issues of any nature. They may be used for helping cure physical diseases, mental and emotional problems or for helping another person, animal, place or situation.

The whole point of Online Healing is to be as easily accessible as possible – to as many people as possible.

While healing may occur spontaneously with the first session, it usually takes a series of sessions at weekly or bi-weekly intervals for long-standing problems to be resolved, because they have usually built up over a long period (as with chronic conditions) or may be very deep seated as with the so-called “dread” diseases such as cancer or heart disease. I recommend a block of 7 sessions as the first course of action which may be followed up with more as needed.

It is not necessary to believe in healing or to be a conscious participant in the process for healing to occur, as evidenced by healing responses experienced by someone in a coma, for instance.

I have thought long and hard about how much to charge for my services and, indeed, whether to charge at all. Finally, I decided that while I would love to give my services for free, it is totally impractical, because, like everyone else, I too need to pay for shelter, food, clothing etc. If someone is seriously committed to making a change and taking responsibility for their healing, however, there is no way I could turn anyone away simply because they could not afford to pay.

That is why I am offering healing on a Donation Basis.

The figures shown just offer a rough guideline based on similar services available elsewhere. Please do not think the numbers are set in stone – you know how much your health and well-being is worth to you  and you will intuitively feel what the right amount is.

Online Healing Sessions Available

  • General Overall Online Healing Session – suggested donation $47

    direct, non-specific transmission of healing energy aimed to promote healing wherever it may be required: useful for general alleviation of aches and pains, emotional unease, stress relief, spiritual re-connection, dealing with grief and less severe illnesses and complaints (consultation not essential). These sessions may be used for other people (their permission must be given first), animals and places or troublesome situations.

  • Consultation and Lifestyle Assessment – suggested donation $67

  • to provide me with background details such as medical history and lifestyle  and determine the best approach to assist you – will also help you look at your current situation in more depth and to recognise areas that might require work you had not considered previously. Certain lifestyle adjustments may be suggested to facilitate the healing process.
  • Intensive One-on-One Online Healing Session – suggested donation $97

  • in-depth one-on-one approach based on results of consultation – this healing session is performed exactly like a virtual hands on session following the same protocol.
  • Block of 7 Intensive Online Healing Sessions 

  • systematic approach to achieve maximum benefit in healing – each session taking the client deeper in the process. Sessions may be booked weekly or bi-weekly.
  • 6 Month Maintenance Plan 

  • highly recommended in order to continue enjoying optimum health and well-being.

Setting Up The Appointment

You may wish to book a Consultation and Lifestyle Assessment before choosing your Healing Progamme, so that I can look at the best option for you and recommend an appropriate schedule specifically to suit your needs. As soon as you request an appointment, I will email you to set up an appointment time and ask you to send through important personal details and if possible a photograph. Consultation and  Lifestyle Assessments will then be carried out by Skype, instant messaging and/or email.

Alternatively, you could book a general Overall Online Healing Session which does not require a consultation and I will email you  with specific instructions.

What To Expect During A Healing Session

The actual healing session does not require direct communication. At the appointed hour choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed (make sure all phones are off), you should lie on your back (put a pillow under your knees to alleviate lower back pain), close your eyes and breathe naturally, allowing any thoughts to come into your mind and then let them go. I will send you some music to play during the session that will help heighten the experience. When the music is finished your session will be over and you will probably feel very relaxed and maybe a bit “spacey”. Take your time coming to – sit for a few moments and then drink a glass of water to help re-ground you. During the session you may feel unexpected emotions rising up – that is quite normal and just allow them to be expressed – it is all part of the healing process. I recommend that you allocate a couple of hours quiet time after the session to allow the healing to more fully integrate. Over the next couple of days feelings may continue to express themselves and it is important that you are kind to yourself during this time.

Fairly soon after your session you should send me an email detailing your experiences during and after the session. First of all, this will serve to heighten your awareness of the situation and help unlock blockages. Secondly, it will allow me to keep track of your progress and make adjustments to your healing programme if necessary.


Real People – Real Benefits – Real Healing

Healing is a miracle – especially to those who have suffered. These are the stories of some of the people whose lives have truly benefited from the healing I was able to facilitate with them.

Testimonials – Stories of Healing


I was in excruciating pain in my left knee due to severe arthritis and a torn meniscus. I was scheduled for surgery on Aug 29. Susan has provided healing sessions on a regular basis, however, within about 8 days I was able to walk pain free and continue like that today. As of now my surgery has been cancelled. I still get weekly sessions from Susan and can find no other explanation for the healing in my knee other than Susan’s amazing sessions.

 Arlene Lynch – Hillsboro, New Mexico

Susan graciously offered to do a healing session with me when I was dealing with neck and back discomfort.   I’ve experienced a number of energy healing modalities over the last 30 years, and Susan, I believe, is  the rare, truly gifted healer. I felt refreshed, more energetic, and a reduction in stiffness in my neck and back after the session.  I plan to see Susan on a regular basis as part of my healing plan. We’re lucky to have her back in Hillsboro.

Jan Haley – Hillsboro, New Mexico



I have known Susan for many years and seen her work her magic on numerous occasions. Her gift of healing is really special – and a calling. I have had many sessions with Susan when in pain and the results are always great relief, which remains for long periods until I abuse my body with some physical stupidity or other. I highly recommend her various healing skills to you.

Martin Ellis – Durban, South Africa


Thank you so much for the healing last night. I feel very humbled today by the power of healing that you hold in your hands. I did not truly realize how much i needed it. But once you put your hands on my feet the vibration was very powerful and i relaxed immediately, even falling into a sleep and surrending to the flowing energy. However once the healing was on my head the vibration and healing was so powerful and so intense that it actually awakened me.  After settling i had a warm fuzzy loving feeling surrounding me and I was quite emotional.  Emotions that i have hidden for awhile seem to lie on the surface and i was finally able to surrender to that vunerable feeling that i need to facilitate my healing process. Today i feel the light and love of God surrounding me and I feel that I am on the right track to finding myself again.  I will be back for more treatments. Thank you so very much Namaste

Vanessa Fraden – Durban, South Africa

Thank You For Your Trust …..

and allowing me to be part of your healing process.

May Your Body, Mind and Spirit Be Renewed And Restored To Optimum Health And Well-Being

Online Healing Sessions Come To You From Susan Ellis – Your Healer At Online Healing – With Much Love And Light