Hands On Healing – Physical One On One Healing Sessions

Hands On Healing with Susan Vial
Hands On Healing with Susan Vial

Hi, I’m Susan Ellis – your healer and I am based in Durban, Upper Highway Area, South Africa

(I recommend Online Healing Sessions for anyone too far to travel)

I’d like to explain exactly what I mean by a hands on healing session.

As you may have read in my bio, I have been studying different healing methodologies since the early 90s, the main hands on healing ones being:

  • Reiki – a Japanese system of healing involving the laying on of hands combined with the use of symbols to channel the universal life force energy
  • Craniosacral Therapy – uses hands on healing to work with the autonomic nervous system using the pulse created by the cerebro-spinal fluid to identify blockages and lesions
  • Medical Qigong – a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine using a combination of energy work, exercise and meditation to release unwanted patterning
  • Reflexology and Meridian Therapy – by massaging the holographic map of the entire body reflected in the feet usually, or the hands or ears, blockages are released

When I work on a client, however, I work holistically.

It is virtually impossible for me to isolate one modality and I find that working with all my resources as a whole in hands on healing is far more efficient than the sum of the parts.

The holistic healing is much deeper and more profound with the benefit to the client greatly increased.

What To Expect In A Healing Session

Healing to me is a sacred thing – as is every human being.

As every person is unique so is every healing session.

Because of this, I approach every hands on healing session free of any expectations or outcomes.

Every session is led by the client.

I “listen” with my hands (hence hands on healing) to the various pulses, rhythms and energy flow by placing my hands very gently at various points on or off the body.

Thus the client leads the way and I follow – never forcing, just waiting – until the body recognises a locked in pattern that no longer serves and releases it, allowing the body’s own natural healing system to kick in.

This is incredibly empowering for the client and at the end of a session a feeling of deep peace and relaxation is usually experienced.

It may be necessary for the client to have repeated hands on healing sessions depending on the problem or disease – the first session is usually to allow the body to build trust, recognising that no harm will come to it – with subsequent sessions being more intense and healing occurring at an increasingly deeper level.

As I mentioned earlier, healing is very empowering and I recommend that all my clients follow up with a maintenance plan of a monthly session, just to keep on top of things – after all, we are not living isolated in a bubble and no-one can escape the rigours of day to day life.

Healing helps build our ability to deal with all that life throws us and I encourage even those in good health to enjoy the benefits of the inner peace brought about by hands on healing.

Healing helps you cope better with the stress of daily life.

What To Bring To A Hands On Healing Session

  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing – you will wear this throughout the session
  • Jewellery should not be worn or it should be removed during the session
  • Most important – an open mind and desire to heal without any fixed expectations – please bear in mind that this is not a “quick fix” solution but deals with the root of the problem thereby eliminating a recurrence

Please Note that if you are on any medication or other medical regime it is advisable to consult with your doctor and let him know what you are planning beforehand. Complementary therapy such as this may be used very successfully in conjunction with western allopathic medicine.

To Book A Hands On Healing Session Please Fill Out The CONTACT FORM – I will get back to you shortly to discuss your needs and set up an appointment.

Hands On Healing Comes From Susan Ellis – Your Healer at Online Healing – With Much Love And Light