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Online Healing Services with Susan Vial
Online Healing Services with Susan Ellis

Healing Services – Background

Hi, I’m Susan Vial and first of all I’d like to acknowledge the courage it may have taken you to the reach this point.

Healing is never easy – you may have tried many other “normal” , western allopathic medical approaches – only to have them fail because instead of getting to the root of the problem they look only at the symptoms and adopt a band-aid approach to curing the problem.

Or maybe the cure is so severe that it can be as bad or worse than the symptoms such as in the case of chemo therapy and radiation treatment for cancer.

Many doctors forget that what is really important is quality of life – time spent with family and loved ones, pursuing what we’re passionate about, finding the joy in all we do and, ultimately – preserving our dignity.

At Online Healing, as with any alternative or complementary therapy, I recognise that you are a human being with a dis-ease – not a medical diagnosis that must be gotten rid of at any cost.

Life is sacred to me and holding a person through their most difficult times, facilitating their healing, is not something I enter into lightly. I connect with that person – either physically or from a distance – with the utmost respect for their path.

With that in mind, please sign up to the free online healing available from the form on the sidebar. You will receive a series of emails from me – 1 a day for the first 7 days, then 1 a week for the next 7 weeks and then 1 a month for the next 7 months. These emails are encoded with special distant healing symbols invisibly imprinted into the images I have taken. They are loaded with intentions for your best healing of body, mind and spirit.

You are unique…..

No two people are the same therefore the healing journey taken is never the same for everyone.

After twenty years as a healer, I have discovered that deep down in their core, basically all energy healing modalities come from the same source and yield similar results.

It is just that some people feel more comfortable with one rather than another – a good example would be someone choosing reiki rather than reflexology because they do not like having their feet touched.

With distance online healing that falls away, however, because there is no actual physical touch involved – healing takes place at an energetic level and is as instantaneous as thought.

This is why Online Healing is suitable for absolutely everyone

  • The very young – even from birth
  • The frail and elderly – can ease the transition of passing on from life.
  • Those with chronic or dread diseases
  • The mentally ill
  • Depressed people
  • Those who cannot tolerate touch
  • People living in remote areas
  • Can be used for animals
  • Can be used to promote peace
  • Can be used to counteract pollution
  • Online Healing can be used to correct negative energy in any given situation

Online healing is completely non-invasive, requires no belief system (although an open mind may facilitate the process) and has no constraints of time or distance.

Online healing promotes a deep sense of peace and calm, allowing the body space and time to recognise where healing is required and to facilitate the natural healing process of body, mind and spirit.

To book your session simply click on the link and follow the simple instructions.

May Your Body, Mind and Spirit Become Renewed And You Return To Your Optimum Health And Well-Being – Your Birthright.

Online Healing Services Come To You From Susan Vial – Your Healer At Online Healing – With Much Love And Light