Good Food with Online Healing
Good Food with Online Healing

Eat! Eat!

Nutrition is Energy!

You’re probably wondering why I am including this page on nutrition on a website about energy healing. Well, think about it – where does most of our energy come from? Apart from the air that we breathe, our main source of energy is in the food we consume. This is one of the most fundamental areas of our overall health and well-being – an area over which we have the most control! As you know, my passion is empowering people so I’d like to give you some pointers to sort through the hype and enable you to make some informed decisions regarding your basic energy supply – because I’m sure you want to have the best for yourself and your loved ones.

So Many Choices

Isn’t it amazing how almost every day there is some new weight loss plan taking the world by storm – claiming to be “The Ultimate and Best Diet Plan Since Sliced Bread”. For example, just off the top of my head, there’s Weight Watchers, Weigh Less, the Atkin’s Diet, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast – the list goes on and on, you get the picture.

Then there are the different eating regimes – all supposedly the healthiest and most wholesome. There’s Fit For Life – which is about food combining and the right time to eat certain foods; the Low GI Diet – concerned with lowering colesterol; Eat Right For Your Type which is based on which blood group you are. And then there’s the issue of meat eating and vegetarianism, or being a vegan, fruitarian or raw food eater.

Myths and Truths

If we follow the latest research we are told to cut out sugar and go for “sugar free” drinks and foods. What we are not told is that the artificial sweetener used, aspartame, has been scientifically proven to be “by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods”. Another myth is about butter. We should substitute margarine for butter – now, margarine is one molecule removed from being plastic. Studies have shown that not even flies will touch marg – I know I won’t! And there’s now been a reversal on the view to eggs – it’s OK to eat more than 2 or 3 a week! Salt – another supposed no, no – is actually essential, especially in hot climates where we sweat out many of our essential minerals – but it must be natural, unadulterated sea or Himalayan salt for instance. Organic is king – food that is pesticide, hormone and chemical free obviously offers the highest nutritional values – not to mention it tastes so much better!

Organic Gardening
Organic Gardening

How to Decide What is Good Food

What I’m saying is we need to learn to trust our own judgment again, use our common sense instead of being swayed by everything the media throws our way.  Our body knows inherently what is good for it, what it needs to function optimally. After all, we are unique individuals and the old saying “one mans meat is another mans poison” is very true.

A very useful way of finding out what is right for us is to, literally, ask our bodies. It may sound a little weird, but with practice it’s amazing how effective this is. For example, when going to have a second helping, I stop a moment and mentally ask “do I really need this extra food or is it just that my taste-buds love the taste?” It takes a bit of training but you soon learn to recognise whether your metabolism or taste-buds are ruling your eating habits.

Everything in Moderation

Ultimately, I’ve come to the conclusion that you should eat what you like but in moderation. Also, a little and often is better, with  less being eaten the later it gets. Regarding the energy factor, eating foods as close to their raw state the better because all the nutrients and enzymes are retained and available to be assimilated. That does not mean that we should never eat anything processed and, indeed, it’s really good to shock the system from time to time because this prevents stress that comes when a rigid eating plan is broken.

Our relationship with food directly mirrors our relationship with ourselves. Eating disorders stem from poor self image. We need to develop a positive, healthy relationship with our food, as what we eat is directly reflected in our bodies. Being respectful, mindful during the preparation of food shines through and a lovingly prepared meal, gratefully received will be of far more benefit than something gulped down before rushing off to the next appointment. Food should be a delight for all the senses – it must smell good, be visually appealing, stimulate the taste-buds, feel right to bite and sound fresh and wholesome, like when we  bite into an apple and hear the crisp parting of the skin with the hiss of juice escaping.

Above all – keep it simple, have fun and start shining from the inside out! Bon Appetit!

Keep checking for the latest posts on health and nutrition – including fun recipes and new ideas for food!

Brought To You With Much Love And Light

From Susan Ellis – Your Healer At Online Healing