Empowering The Individual

Empowerment with Online Healing
Empowerment with Online Healing

This site is aimed at empowering the individual – to help each of us realize that our healing and wellness is something that we have to take responsibility for and can control ourselves – instead of handing over to doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

In the west, this is something we have been indoctrinated into through our social structures over the years and we are taught to look for the quick fix of pill popping or surgery as a first course of action, when actually it makes much more sense to leave such drastic action as a last resort, as the consequences may be irreversible.

Fortunately, this is now changing in the developed world and more alternative and complementary practices are being made available through government health services.

Building Awareness

One of the functions of this website is to help build awareness that we can, in fact, heal ourselves. Here you will find tools and resources to facilitate this process such as

  • books
  • videos
  • music
  • guided meditations
  • important links
  • articles on the latest developments in health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and spiritual well-being

In short, you will learn how to change to live a more awakened and holistic life, where anything is possible!

Take Control

Now that you have become aware, all that remains is for you to implement the knowledge. This is not something you can do overnight. It will be a gradual process, so don’t feel overwhelmed. Allow the knowledge to permeate your being and you will find that you have outgrown certain things and feel compelled to do others. It is a natural process – one that cannot be forced. The best way to deal with change (something most of us are wary of and resist because it means moving out of our comfort zones) is to allow life to flow and follow your intuition, your heart. You will recognise you are on the right path when you feel, you know, deep down inside – that this is right. The old patterns that no longer serve you will automatically fall away and a new, greater, more together you will emerge.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Accepting change into your life is never an easy process, so be patient and be gentle with yourself and others going through the process. It takes remarkable bravery to be able to let go of patterns you may have been holding onto for many years and that is where my role as a healer comes in. I am here to hold and support you through your time of transformation until you feel ready to stand on your own – and you will.

Please just fill out the contact form if you require help or maybe you’d like to book a healing session or consultation to facilitate your healing process and transformation.

To Your New Empowered Self

With Much Love And Light

From Susan Ellis – Your Healer at Online Healing