Miracle Healing – It Happens All The Time

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Miracle Healing?

My Sincere Apologies

YouTube have taken down this video due to copyright infringement, which is a very great shame as it showed an ultrasound with a fixed picture of a bladder tumour juxtaposed with a live time screen showing the tumour being dissolved by Qigong doctors. The entire process took about 3 minutes and involved the doctors surrounding the woman and chanting “it is done” and similar words while simultaneously emitting chi from their hands to the tumour.

In the west, what we would regard as a “Miracle Healing”, is routine in the east – particularly China, where QiGong has been practised for thousands of years.

I first saw this video in the late 1990’s when I started practising QiGong – a discipline almost unheard of in the Occident at that time. Since then it was made famous by Gregg Braden, when he used it to illustrate how healing works at a quantum level in his lectures and it has been much copied all over the internet due to the power of it’s message.

Such was it’s power that I travelled to the USA to study with Dr Jerry Alan Johnson, the foremost western doctor of Medical Qigong and was inspired to spread the knowledge that we can heal ourselves and others everywhere I went, becoming the director of the International Institute for Medical Qigong in South Africa.

I trust this video offers you hope on your healing journey and please feel free to contact me if you feel I can be of assistance to you.

With Much Love and Light

From Susan Vial – your healer at Online Healing

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