Reiki Online Healing with Susan Vial
Reiki Online Healing with Susan Vial

What Is Reiki?

Literally translated, Reiki means mysterious atmosphere but in the west we have translated it into our terms meaning Universal Life-Force Energy. It is a Japanese term and refers to the universal energy that lives in all creation, is inherent in all living beings and that nourishes them and keeps them alive. This energy is recognised in many different cultures and is known also as chi, prana and orgone energy.

It also refers to a natural healing method of the “laying on of hands” or hands on healing and is thought of by many to be the same form of healing used by Jesus. Reiki is a complementary therapy and can be used to great effect alone or combined with other healing modalities, including western allopathic medicine.

In essence, Reiki is a means of accessing the healing power inherent in each of us, enabling the practitioner to heal himself, others or even the world by directing the subtle bio-photonic energy all around us.

There are different types of Reiki today, including Karuna Reiki, Lightarian Reiki and Angelic Reiki. The first was Usui Reiki, named after the buddhist monk, Mikao Usui, who was mysteriously given this system of healing during a 21 day mountain retreat. He then went on to build a clinic where he healed over 2000 people as well as passed on his knowledge and methods. It was from this lineage that modern day Reiki derives.

How To Do Reiki

Access to Reiki is gained via an attunement given by a Reiki Master. There are several attunements – one for each level. There is Reiki 1, 2, 3 and Master.These attunements are ancient secret rituals, involving the passing on of sacred symbols which raise consciousness and open the heart and energy channels, aligning the student’s individual energy with the universal life-force energy, while stabilizing the student’s ability to channel it’s strong, healing flow. Reiki traditionally is passed on from master to student and was kept secret for many years to keep it pure. Nowadays there are different schools of thought surrounding this, although it can still only be passed on by a Reiki master.

How Does Reiki Heal?

A Reiki treatmentincreases the life-force energy or ki (chi) that occurs naturally in the body to sustain health and well-being. By focusing intention, the Reiki practitioner directs the flow of that energy through his hands – either on or off the body –  to allow healing to occur on any level necessary – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual for the optimum well-being of body, mind and spirit.

Reiki energy will always find it’s way to the area in need of re-balancing and healing. It removes blockages and releases stagnant, negative energy trapped in the body.

As such it enhances the bodies natural healing tendencies. It provides calmness if stressed, balances blood pressure and hormone or sugar levels, stimulates the immune system, relaxes tense muscles and generally relieves pain.

Due to the very gentle nature of a Reiki treatment, it is excellent for treating the very old or very young, as well as everyone in-between.

Reiki benefits are as much for someone who just needs time out to relax from a busy schedule as it is for someone chronically ill – Reiki does not discriminate.

The fact that Reiki works on or off the body makes it ideal for online healing.

Become A Reiki Master

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