Reflexology with Susan Vial
Reflexology with Susan Vial

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is a complementary therapy, whereby pressure is applied by the thumbs and fingertips to various areas of the body, usually the feet but also the hands and ears. Working on the principal that each part of the body is a holographic representation of the whole, reflexology stimulates the natural healing properties of the body. The feet, hands or ears in effect become maps of the entire body, allowing the therapist to work on the different systems and organs.

Why Combine Reflexology and Meridian Therapy?

There is evidence that reflexology has been around at least since ancient Egyptian times, while the Meridians are the energetic pathways utilised in acupuncture and found in Traditional Chinese Medicine going back at least 5,000 years.

Reflexology on its own is extremely therapeutic, working as it does on the various organs and systems of the body reflected in the feet but the synergy of the two systems combined together is infinitely more powerful.

By using specific techniques, acupuncture points on the feet are stimulated, freeing up blockages   and allowing the uninterrupted flow of energy throughout the entire body, thereby restoring health and vitality. 

Reflexology – Working On A Microcosm Of The Whole

The feet (or hands and ears) represent a perfect microcosm of the body and by massaging the reflexes as well as the meridians, which pass through the vital organs of the body, the natural healing tendency of the body is stimulated. Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and generally wakes up the natural healing functions of the entire body.

A Strong Foundation

Our feet are our foundation and they carry us through life. By learning to read the feet, noticing where lines appear, nails develop ridges or bunions develop, we can ascertain where certain problems may occur in the body and by working with the feet can facilitate healing. A trained therapist in reflexology can pinpoint conditions which may be picked up by crystals forming and may feel quite painful when worked on. The breaking down of the crystals, however, means that the reflexology is being effective and the symptom should ultimately disappear.

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