Medical Qigong with Susan Vial
Medical Qigong with Susan Vial

Medical Qigong – Ancient Chinese Energy Healing

Origins of Medical Qigong

Over 5000 years old, Medical Qigong or Chi Kung is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It is the Chinese twin of Yoga, as the two originated together as one, before going their separate paths of development – Yoga in India and Qigong in China.

The ancient Chinese physicians came to understand that all life is composed of Qi (Chi) and everything is interconnected – it is interesting that only very recently modern physicists have proven this to be true through quantum physics, so the western world is waking up to the fact that energetic and vibrational medicine are just as valid as allopathic.

It is when the Qi is interrupted or depleted that illness and disease manifest and these ancient masters devised techniques to replenish and re-balance the flow of energy allowing the body to heal and regain its vitality. An ancient Chinese saying states that “Life comes into beginning because Qi is amassed; when Qi is scattered, the person dies”.

How does Medical Qigong Work?

Medical Qigong is a complementary therapy and helps attain the optimum health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Medical Qigong purges, tonifies and balances the bodies internal and external energy fields using very specific techniques.

In China, the doctor is seen rather as a teacher. He (or she) empowers the individual by teaching him how to take responsibility for his own health and well-being. This is done through the use of different qigong exercises, sounds and breathing techniques that cause the energy to circulate once more. Old stagnant energy is purged and clean, vibrant, healing energy replaces it allowing healing to take place. This is not just restricted to the physical being but rather works holistically on body, mind and spirit.

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What to Expect from Medical Qigong

Large Medical Qigong clinics are many in China and it is quite normal to see many hundreds of patients exercising in unison outside. In addition, Qigong doctors treat patients energetically to rid them of diseases, with startlingly high success rates, even dissolving tumours by emitting Qi and using sound, thereby proving extremely efficient in the treatment of cancer.

The emphasis, however, is on prevention rather than cure, which is why people in China perform T’ai Chi Ch’uan, a part of qigong, daily in the park, as well as take great care with diet.

A medical qigong treatment consists of an assessment followed by energetic rebalancing. The client may be expected to do “prescriptions” consisting of specific exercises.


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