Holistic Healing Is An Inclusive Term

covering all aspects necessary for bringing about the complete and optimum health and wellness of body mind and spirit.

Online Healing creates WELL-being

Both online (distant) healing and hands on healing sessions are holistic healing methods and employ the transference of healing energy.

This is also known as quantum healing because it works at a subtle, energetic level which enables it to be sent over the airwaves, much like a radio signal. Although we cannot see these waves, when we turn on the radio it plays. Holistic healing occurs in just the same manner.

Why Do I Need Holistic Healing When I Just Have A Sore Back?

Holistic healing recognises that we are not just made up of a physical body, which is often the sole focus of western medicine. This approach explains why western medicine often fails, because it treats just the symptoms and does not look at the underlying root cause of the problem.

Body, mind and spirit are inextricably linked. If one of these is missing then we are obviously not a whole person and would not be able to live – except maybe without some kind of life support system. Holistic healing takes into account all three and treats the person as a whole.

Let’s take the example of the sore back. You go to the doctor who may give you anti- inflammatories to start of with. Although they offer some relief, within a short period of time the pain is back and eventually, no matter how many tablets you take the pain just gets worse.

You go back to the doctor and he sends you for x-rays. They don’t show up any major problem so you try the chiropractor. He manipulates you and again, for a while you have some relief. However the pain comes back worse than ever. You are now at your wit’s end because nothing is working and your back is getting more and more painful. What holistic healing does is it looks at your entire situation.

You are over-burdened at work because of staff cuts, having to do the work of two people. Your wife is feeling neglected because you are spending more and more time at the office. Consequently she does not give you the support you so desperately need at the moment. As a result you are feeling down and demoralised – you are doing all you can given a bad situation – at least you have a job – surely she can understand?

This clearly illustrates that your physical body is very much affected by your mental and emotional state – your spirit is at an all time low. As your back is your physical support it is affected when support is withdrawn from your mental and spiritual aspects.

That is why holistic healing is so effective.

Can I Use Holistic Healing In Conjunction With Western Medicine?

In most instances it can be extremely beneficial to use holistic healing together with traditional allopathic medicine. However, it is best to check with your doctor first, particularly if you are on medication. It must be remembered that holistic healing is not always a replacement for the western approach, which is excellent for dealing with trauma and acute conditions. Where holistic healing can really be of benefit is where there are chronic, ongoing conditions that are not responding to other treatment.

Are There Different Types Of Holistic Healing?

There are many different holistic healing modalities and just as we are all different, you should pick one that suits you. The modalities I use as part of my holistic healing services are mainly energy healing, as energy is at the our core of our being and the most fundamental aspect of life.

That is why they are so eminently suitable for online healing The ones I use are Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Medical Qigong Therapy and Reflexology and Meridian Therapy, as well as Authentic Energy Healing.

In addition to complementary therapy, when I do consultations I also take into account the persons lifestyle as well as diet and exercise, which is what is meant by holistic healing – no one aspect is dealt with in isolation – you have to take into account the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Holistic Healing Is The Most Natural Path To Follow.

From Susan Ellis – Your Healer At Online Healing – With Much Love And Light.