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Your Online Holistic Healing Centre For The Optimum Health And Well-Being Of Body Mind And Spirit


Hi! I’m Susan Ellis – the creator of online healing and I’d like to congratulate you for taking the first, often difficult, step towards taking responsibility for your own health and well-being. I started online healing as a virtual holistic healing center for healing and wellness in an effort to reach as many people as possible through the power of the internet. Sometimes circumstances such as location, disability or seriousness of illness may prevent someone from being able to physically go to a health care practitioner, and that is where online healing comes to the fore, providing healing services far and wide. My aim is to build an online healing community where people know that they come first. I am planting a seed in soil well mixed with compassion, love and integrity and watering it with faith, hope, joy and peace – may it grow into a fine tree with strong roots and many branches where each of you will find the healing and solace you need. You can help in the building of this online healing community by becoming a member and sharing your stories to help others too.

At Online Healing you will find

  • Ways to strengthen your physical, emotional and mental health and well being with online healing sessions as well as hands on healing designed to reconnect you to your source and bring you back to a state of natural health and wellness
  • Means to eliminate disease using holistic healing comprised of complementary therapy, diet and exercise
  • Inspirational thoughts – a fun way to focus and help improve and enrich your life, giving you greater purpose and clarity
  • How to connect with your higher self for the best solutions to deal with problems and concerns
  • A healing community through the member’s site, where you can connect with others who may be going through similar challenges in life – it’s so important to know that we are not alone and that there is support if we just ask
  • Healing courses and workshops to help heal yourself and others if you feel drawn to that
  • Free Blessings and prayers for yourself, your loved ones and for any given situation

Resources Available

  • Consultations
  • Healing Sessions
  • Guided Meditations
  • Healing Courses
  • Healing Music, Books, DVDs etc
  • Health and Wellness News
  • Articles on Diet and Exercise

How does Online Healing work?

Online healing may also be known as distance healing, absent healing, quantum healing or energy healing because it works at a sub-atomic level at the speed of thought, without any physical contact between the recipient and the healer. This quantum energy healing has been proven to be effective through modern quantum physics, as evidenced in the works of Dr Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Science, Ervin Laszlo and Lynne McTaggart, to name a few. The Akashic Field, sometimes called the Zero Point Field, Unified Field or Quantum Field and formerly referred to as the Ether, is the means by which healing is transmitted – anywhere in the world and beyond! The transmission of quantum healing is instantaneous and will last as long as the healer holds the intention.

This makes online healing an incredibly powerful and serious tool to effect healing at the deepest level of being, where healing occurs as needed – be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Body, mind and spirit are inseparable and form the basis of holistic healing – a fact traditional healers have known throughout history.

Who needs online healing?

At some level we all need healing. Just being alive in this day and age is a challenge. We are constantly bombarded with stressors – the economic crisis; a fast paced dog eat dog market place; advertising aimed at keeping up with the Joneses; impossibly high standards for education; the drug culture; polluted environment; a collapse of family values; a lack of exercise; poor eating habits – the list goes on and on. All these factors have an impact on us resulting in cancers, heart problems, diabetes and other physical diseases as well as a huge increase in mental problems – a visit to the shrink is as commonplace now in many cultures as a visit to the hairdresser.


Please make yourself at home, browse through the site and take your time to decide if I can help you on your journey to health and wholeness.




I was in excruciating pain in my left knee due to severe arthritis and a torn meniscus. I was scheduled for surgery on Aug 29. Susan has provided healing sessions on a regular basis, however, within about 8 days I was able to walk pain free and continue like that today. As of now my surgery has been cancelled. I still get weekly sessions from Susan and can find no other explanation for the healing in my knee other than Susan’s amazing sessions.

Arlene Lynch

Hillsboro, New Mexico


Susan graciously offered to do a healing session with me when I was dealing with neck and back discomfort. I’ve experienced a number of energy healing modalities over the last 30 years, and Susan, I believe, is the rare, truly gifted healer. I felt refreshed, more energetic, and a reduction in stiffness in my neck and back after the session. I plan to see Susan on a regular basis as part of my healing plan. We’re lucky to have her back in Hillsboro.

Jan Haley

Hillsboro, New Mexico


I have known Susan for many years and seen her work her magic on numerous occasions. Her gift of healing is really special – and a calling. I have had many sessions with Susan when in pain and the results are always great relief, which remains for long periods until I abuse my body with some physical stupidity or other. I highly recommend her various healing skills to you.

Martin Ellis

Durban, South Africa

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